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November 20th 2013

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December 14th 2012

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December 10th 2012

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October 14th 2012

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September 11th 2012

What to bring for your boudoir session…


I always get emails from anxious clients before their sessions asking me everything from what to wear & bring to how to relax before the session and although I could talk your ear off over what to bring and wear, my number one piece of advice is to remember that this is for FUN! Sure it’s sassy and sexy and a way to make you feel amazing (trust me, you will!) but above all else, I want you to laugh and have fun.


Take a browse through these other tips and if you have any specific questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask me.


- Try to have 4-5 outfit changes for your session. Before we start the session, I will take a peek at your outfits and we will decide where to start and what will photograph best. I have a small arsenal of jewelry, hats, and hair accessories that I bring to each session but if you have something specific you love, feel free to bring that too!


- Not everything has to be lingerie! A nice dress shirt belonging to your significant other can be super sexy and makes the photos very personal. Don’t forget that a jersey from a favorite sports team (either your significant others or yours) can be fun! If your significant other is involved in any specific sports or hobbies, bringing some sort of prop to identify this would be fabulous addition.


- But since lingerie is so sassy, go out and find some great new pieces for your shoot! Corsets, heels (the higher, the better!), lace camisoles, boy shorts, thongs, and thigh highs are always good choices.


- Getting married? Why not bring your wedding shoes, veil, rings, or your soon to be’s tie that they are is wearing?! The possibilities are endless!


- The morning of your session, drink lots of water and avoid snug fitting clothing & undergarments – they are the most likely to leave elastic pressure lines on your skin.


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March 1st 2012

Ooh Baby!

Ooh La La Boudoir Photography is currently on maternity leave as we anticipate the arrival of our first baby later this spring :)

We will be back in action this fall and will post marathon session dates right here on this blog as soon as they become available.

Thanks for your continued support!

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